As a queer filmmaker of Asian background, Derek understands the nuances and the intersections of being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. He seeks to showcase diverse stories and his work has been described as brave, sensitive, considered and nuanced.

Stylistically, Derek likes pushing the boundaries of what defines a documentary. His hybrid mode of storytelling blurs the lines while striking the fine balance in crafting an authentic and compelling story.
Derek's latest film, Forgiveness Day, commissioned by The New York Times' Op-Docs, was awarded Best Australian Short Film and Best Short Documentary at the 31st Melbourne Queer Film Festival in 2021.
He was also nominated for Best Direction for Short Documentary at the Australia Directors Guild Award 2021.

His work has been showcased at numerous international film festivals, broadcast on Australia's ABC TV and even made it to the front page of The New York Times.

Op-Docs' Series Producer Lindsay Crouse speaks highly of Derek’s work:
“The film is a breathtaking combination of exactly what we’re looking for: a relevant and high-stakes story, intimately told, with a creative stylistic approach. It was a perfect short documentary to present to our global audience.”

Derek loves documentary filmmaking because it holds a mirror up to society, starts a conversation with the end goal of making a positive impact on the world, even if it affects just the one person. It is also through this process of making documentaries challenges him to shed the layers of judgement through his own lens and gets to learn as much about others and about himself.

Originally born and bred in Singapore of Chinese heritage, Derek is a Melbourne based documentary director, cameraperson and editor with a Master's Degree in documentary filmmaking from the Victoria College of The Arts in Australia.

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