"I went to bed one night as one person and woke up as another. 
It’s like my life just completely changed overnight."
The Good Buoy is one woman's journey to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through the help of her service dog, Paddington. 
Following 10 years of service in the police force, Melanie experienced two critical incidents from which she was unable to recover. Told to 'toughen up or leave', Melanie quit the police force and has since been on the slow road back to health. While she rebuilds her own self- esteem, she is trying to help others who suffer PTSD by training service dogs. 
This film explores Melanie's personal journey and the special relationship between owner and animals and
their therapeutic qualities.
Director & Editor: Derek Ho
Camera: Derek Ho & Ran Li & Lauren Beck
Sound: Lauren Beck
Music Composer: Ben Yap
Production Manager: Albert Ong
Production Parameters: 2 Days Shoot, 7 days Edit
Victoria College of The Arts 2018
Themes: PTSD, Mental Health, Service Dogs, LGBT

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