"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
In May 2019, I went to Xi An in China with a group of filmmakers from around the world to take part in the Looking China program. The challenge was to create a 10 minute short documentary in 10 days, with the theme being      "inter-generation". Each filmmaker had also been pre-assigned a topic and a local producer. 
My story is about the "Spirit of the Red Candle".
It is a philosophy often used to describe the unconditional devotion from the teachers for their students and is passed down from generation to generation. 
Teachers are often compared to a candle. There is an old Chinese saying that teachers set themselves on fire in order to illuminate others. Our protagonist in this story, Professor Zhang, disagrees. 
Eternal Flame is a love story not only captures the selflessness, passion and commitment of Professor Zhang in a career spanning over 60 years, it also captures the same unwavering devotion he has for his wife.
Eternal Flame won Third Prize at the 2019 Looking China Golden Lenses Awards in Beijing. 
Director & Editor: Derek Ho
Camera & Sound: Derek Ho
Producer: Yang Jie
Sound Mix: Josh Hogan, Envelope Audio
Music Composer: Ben Yap
Production Parameters: 5 Days Shoot, 3 Days for Edit, Translation & Subtitles and Poster Design
Looking China 2019, Xi An
Themes: Education, Chinese Culture, Inter-generation

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